The Information Technologies area represents a natural support for VLM’s performance model and it naturally intends to relate to an autonomous dynamism that is differentiating from other players which are not focused on organizational needs.
The result of consolidated experience, we guarantee unparalleled know-how applied to information and communication technology solutions to our clients’ real needs. Ours is a dynamic, competent and creative human and technical structure which supports the conceptualization, development and implementation of new information technology concepts and solutions in terms of groupware / collaborative work.
Natural emphasis on own solutions: yourSTEP ® collaborative management system and myLEX legislation management.

We describe ourselves as:


Groupware is the name given to collaborative software solutions. Having emerged with a strong focus on the social and recreational, their application to professional activities, in more formal or informal contexts, presents extraordinary potential in terms of promoting creativity and motivation, paralleled with the constant enriching and update of contents.


Open Source identifies a manner, culture and approach to the development of software grounded on sharing, transparency and independence. Choosing Open Source software means choosing quality products, developed by global communities, with no attachment or dependence on an exclusive supplier, no “end-of-life” risks, no hidden secrets.